Nerdy Bear Studios is Hiring!!!!

Nerdy Bear Studios is Hiring!!!!

Hello and Golden vibes!


Our studio is looking for a few extra hands on deck. Nerdy Bear Studios have about 15 on the crew however a few have additional commitment that will shift our deadline a little too much. So we are looking to bring on a few extra hands. Our current game Hamsterdamm we have been working on for about four years and we are very proud of how far we have gotten. However, this is game 1 in a 5-game shared universe so we are looking to take on something massive over a long period of time and with that people are bound to come and go. Below is what we currently need:

New Members :

1 Game Designer
1 Level Designer
1 Comunity Manager
2 Narrative Writers
1 Draft/Concept Artist
1 Storyboard Artist
1 Project Manager/ Scrum Master
Social Media Manager
10 Brand Ambassadors

Everything is handled remotely and incredibly collaborative. Work is distributed by the Milestone and very easygoing.

Some opportunities will be paid competitively (Depending on the workload) however we are a young studio so more often than not Rev share is what is offered. As we grow positions will open up from freelance to full time but for now, we are offering Milestone part-time work.

For more information about Our studio or to express interest in one of the postings please click Join the crew on our website:

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For any additional information please reach out at:

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