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We’re Looking for An Artist and Animator!

We are so excited to announce that we are looking for a 2D and 3D artist and animator for Hamsterdamm! Check out the below description, and apply if you could be a fit!


 Hamsterdamm 2D and 3D Artist and Animator Project Description 


Nerdy Bear Studios (NBS) is looking for a 2D and 3D artist and animator, who can create high-quality and exceptionally retro pixel art for our latest project (and upcoming game), Hamsterdamm. 

NBS welcomes diverse applicants! 


  • Create sprite sheets and sprite animation (Usable in unity).
  • Create 3D models and animate them for Unity.
  • Work with a small team to create assets.
  • Proficient in modern animation and illustration software.
  • Create sketches for game characters, art, and environments.


  • Can work from reference materials (photography, concept art, videos, and descriptions). 
  • Has excellent time management skills, and can schedule work to adequately meet deadlines. 
  • A deep understanding of retro pixel art and how elements look and move in this art style (people, animals, buildings, and nature). 
  • An organized approach to creating workflows, and a comfortability with collaborative environments. 
  • Solid communication skills (written and verbal).

Important Details

  • Location: Remote
  • Start: May 2021
  • Type: Contract-based 

How to Reach Out/Apply: 

Put 2D and 3D Animator and Artist into email subject line, and send it and the following to [email protected]:

  • A portfolio that showcases your work. 
  • A PDF resume/CV. 
  • Desired rate (hourly or per milestone/project)

About NBS 

NBS was formed in 2018 in Atlanta, Georgia. This gaming and animation studio’s mission is to develop creative, innovative, diverse, and socially meaningful games, art, animations. NBS seeks to invite gamers to enjoy stories that celebrate what makes us different—while also acknowledging our shared experiences (no matter how quirky they are ;-D).

Check us out here:

About Hamsterdamm

Hamsterdamm is a 2D perspective-changing infinite runner experience that combines the comic book style of Comic Zone with gameplay inspired by Speed Limit. 

You play as Detective Fatback, a pig who is on vacation, enjoying the exceptional museums and cafes in Hamsterdamm. However, your holiday is interrupted when bandits steal some of the city’s most priceless art and artifacts.

In Nerdy Bear Studio’s first gaming adventure, you are invited to a Dick Tracy and film noir-style world to help Detective Fatback save Hamsterdamm’s most precious art. 


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Game Docs & Indie Game Social Media – Dev…

Has a goal ever hit you so hard that you wished there more than 24 hours in a day? Well, that is where we’ve been in the last two weeks. We’ve finally begun to make movements toward two things: 1. the development of game documents & 2. a social media strategy.

So, let’s address each one separately.

Developing the Game Docs

We decided on the very first game that we would like to be the first official release for Nerdy Bear Studios. It will be a mobile-based game that is inspired by one of the most interesting, intoxicating, and fun places we have ever been.

We are working alongside a game designer to get some detailed game documents ready to start the actual development process. It’s an exciting time. One where we are smoothing out the story, walking through technical aspects of the game, and getting the opinions of friends and family. We are definitely in information-gathering mode.

Creating a Realistic Social Media Plan

Being honest, both myself and my partner still have full-time jobs.

Pictured: Our Mondays at work 😉

So, it has been a challenge keeping things up—especially on the marketing front. However, we have done three things within the past two weeks:

  1. Talked about priorities – We begin to realign our priorities and understand what matters at this point and what we can schedule for later. We started to discuss how we need to make getting the word out about what we do a priority. The last thing we want is to build a cool game, but not have anyone to share it with.
  2. Understood how important brand messaging is – Brand messaging is all about creating conversations and connections. We want to be as interactive and transparent as we can be about what we are working on. We knew this has to be a part of our overall strategy, and we wanted to get better at using social media to do this.
  3. Creating realistic goals – Can we both dedicate five hours a day to social media marketing and branding? No! However, what we can do is develop a blog post a week, use our work breaks to interact with you all on social media, and make a conscious effort to grow our following.

Our top two goals at this point are to start the process of creating an excellent game that you will enjoy, and creating a community with you while we do it. So, you can expect more social media-related updates and some good progress on the technical side of the development of our first game.


NBS DevLog 02/21/2020

Animal Planet inspiration:
Lone Digger by Caravan Palace

Inspiration Posts:

We get a lot of questions on things that inspire us. So on top of our regular devlogs we will post some things that we have been inspired by in some of our projects


Dev Log 2/9/2020 Conventions

Projected Convention Schedule

BlerdFest 04/04/2020 (New Orleans)

Momocon 05/23/2020 (Atlanta)

Southern Fried Gaming Expo 07/11/2020 (Atlanta)

DragonCon 09/05/2020 (Atlanta)

Anime Weekend Atlanta 10/31/2020 (Atlanta)

Anime NYC 11/21/2020 (New York)


DEV Log 1/27/2020

And with the passing of another year and Chinese new as well NBS is back in full swing. Currently revising schedule and GDD (Game development documents) Starting the new year is always like a breath of fresh air. It allows me to look back on all the progress we have made and the wonderful people we have met. I truly thankful for my journey and would no want things to go any other way. Here is to the new year!!!!!!!!!


Dev Log 12/7/2019

Okie Dokie. So the massive army of freelancers is killing it. Game Stories are coming together. On top of this, I am getting massive inspiration from this Amsterdam vacation (photo’s coming soon). To all the Small Dev’s out there from me to you. Take a break. However hard you are killing it. You have to play just as hard. A lot of times I forget this because, LIFE, but hey it’s not worth living if you cant LIVE. [A bit redundant but you get the point]. Anyway for the rest of the year, NB Studios with be taking a “Mental Health Break”. Not to worry we will pick back up in January.

-King Kuma

“Game Recognize Game”


All the Games in Development

For those out there wondering here are the games in Development.

  1. In The ’90s
  3. Bon Voyage
  4. Games for Black Girls
  5. Animal Planet: Amongst Monsters

Dev Log 5

First actually draft of a working script for the entire game. So Stoked!!!