Detective Fatback is on vacation, enjoying the exceptional museums and cafes in Hamsterdamm. However, his holiday is interrupted when bandits steal some of the city’s most priceless art and artifacts.

In Nerdy Bear Studio’s first gaming adventure, you are invited to a Dick Tracy and film noir styled world to help Detective Fatback save Hamsterdamm’s most precious art. Test your gameplay skill by chasing thieves through the canals, rowhouses, and streets of the city. 


  • Enjoy a perspective-shifting rythmn based runner with an absolutely addictive soundtrack.
  • Run through an adventure inspired by Detective film noir and Comics; a gaming experience that includes influences from Dick Tracy comics and the game, Comix Zone.
  • Fight and chase crafty thieves, while avoiding obstacles like bicyclists and bystanders. 
  • Clean up the streets of Hamsterdamm to a  vintage, rhythmic, and beat-heavy soundtrack.