Welcome to the dark and gritty streets of HamsterDamm, a city where dreams come true and so do your Nightmare. In “HamsterDamm” step into the shoes of the cunning Detective Fatback determined to who is on vacation and happens to find himself caught in a web of deceit cast by the city’s most notorious criminals.In Hamsterdamm, Nothing is as it appears to be.

Immerse yourself in a unique fusion of the Fast Racing Perspective shifting mechanics and the atmospheric world of classic film noir. As a skilled detective, you’ll have access to a range of specialized vehicles tailored and Abilities to navigation through this journey in the name of Justice.

Your primary objective is to solve a series of high-stakes criminal cases. Race through intricately designed tracks that wind through the seedy underbelly of the city, from dimly lit alleyways to Rowhouse Rooftops and Picturesque Tulip Fields. As you compete against underworld bosses, gather evidence, and unravel clues to piece together the puzzle of what is going on in Hamsterdamm.

“HamsterDamm” features a captivating single-player campaign where the gripping narrative unfolds. Uncover a deep-rooted conspiracy that threatens to engulf Hamsterdamm and its inhabitants. For those seeking a multiplayer experience, engage in exhilarating online races.

Compete against friends or strangers in fast-paced races where tactics, strategy, and driving skills are paramount. Unlock new vehicles, characters, and customization options as you climb the ranks and establish your reputation.

Get ready to embark on a noir-infused, adrenaline-fueled journey where mystery, action, and intense racing collide. Are you ready to unveil the secrets that lurk within the shadows and restore justice to Hamsterdamm?
And never forget “The Good Guys….Dont get a Day off”

Game Bio:

  • Genre: Racer
  • Inspiration:  1950’s Noire & Harlem Renaissance
  • Single  & Multiplayer