Dev Log 2/9/2020 Conventions

Projected Convention Schedule

BlerdFest 04/04/2020 (New Orleans)

Momocon 05/23/2020 (Atlanta)

Southern Fried Gaming Expo 07/11/2020 (Atlanta)

DragonCon 09/05/2020 (Atlanta)

Anime Weekend Atlanta 10/31/2020 (Atlanta)

Anime NYC 11/21/2020 (New York)


DEV Log 1/27/2020

And with the passing of another year and Chinese new as well NBS is back in full swing. Currently revising schedule and GDD (Game development documents) Starting the new year is always like a breath of fresh air. It allows me to look back on all the progress we have made and the wonderful people we have met. I truly thankful for my journey and would no want things to go any other way. Here is to the new year!!!!!!!!!


Dev Log 12/7/2019

Okie Dokie. So the massive army of freelancers is killing it. Game Stories are coming together. On top of this, I am getting massive inspiration from this Amsterdam vacation (photo’s coming soon). To all the Small Dev’s out there from me to you. Take a break. However hard you are killing it. You have to play just as hard. A lot of times I forget this because, LIFE, but hey it’s not worth living if you cant LIVE. [A bit redundant but you get the point]. Anyway for the rest of the year, NB Studios with be taking a “Mental Health Break”. Not to worry we will pick back up in January.

-King Kuma

“Game Recognize Game”


All the Games in Development

For those out there wondering here are the games in Development.

  1. In The ’90s
  3. Bon Voyage
  4. Games for Black Girls
  5. Animal Planet: Amongst Monsters

Dev Log 5

First actually draft of a working script for the entire game. So Stoked!!!



Currently working on story inconsistences for Nostolgia. I always loved a good story.